February 24, 2024

Benefits of Dermaplaning: Never Experience Dullness Again!

Benefits of Dermaplaning: Never Experience Dullness Again

Dermaplaning, also sometimes perceived as face shaving, has a lot of stigmas attached to it. Recently, dermaplaning has received much media coverage for its excellent benefits. People finally realize how beneficial dermaplaning is to keep skin glowing and healthy. It is an amazing cosmetic procedure that gives you radiant skin without causing a financial constraint.

Many people have yet to learn what dermaplaning is and how it can work in favor of their skin. Due to advancements in dermatology, much information about dermaplaning is readily available. However, it is always a challenge for beginners to understand dermaplaning and its benefits.

Cut the hassle and learn everything you need about dermaplaning through this article. We highlight some fantastic facts about dermaplaning and explain varying tools. Are you ready to get smoother skin? Dive right in!

Here's What You're Missing Out If You Haven't Tried Dermaplaning Yet!

Here's What You're Missing Out If You Haven't Tried Dermaplaning Yet!

Some people need to understand why things like dermaplaning even exist. If you are still contemplating getting dermaplaning, you should dive right in to know what you have been missing out on:

  1. Smoother and More Even Skin

    One of the enormous problems most females struggle with is the annoying amount of peach fuzz that can make them look manly. Waxing can irritate the skin, threading is too painful, and a laser treatment is too expensive. Dermaplaning is the saving grace that removes peach fuzz and gives you skin as smooth as a baby’s bum.

    One of the most notable benefits of dermaplaning is that it helps boost collagen production. It aids in profoundly cleaning the skin, exposing it to oxygen, and boosting collagen production. Many women notice a considerable difference in fine lines and wrinkles after consistently trying dermaplaning.

  2. Better Penetration of Skincare

    Dermaplaning has multiple benefits, including better penetration of skincare. Due to dead skin and a lot of peach fuzz, often, skincare does not penetrate deeper within the layers of the skin. After dermaplaning, your skincare penetrates deeper into your skin, showing faster results.

    Any serums that you use will go deeper, acting fast and giving you the results you have been aiming for. The boost in your skin’s glow and smoothness will improve your makeup’s glide.

  3. Flawless Makeup

    Every girl is looking for new techniques to make their makeup appear flawless. Makeup can’t make your skin smooth like butter to hide the texture. Your skin should be soft and flawless if you want your makeup to look exceptional.

    Dermaplaning will be your saving grace if your makeup doesn’t look as smooth due to peach fuzz. It helps improve your skin’s texture overnight and removes excess hair from your skin. Your makeup eventually looks flawless and smooth. With regular dermaplaning, your skin starts to get softer and spotless.

  4. Skin Rejuvenation

    After a certain age, the cell regrowth in our skin becomes very slow. Our skin does not look as soft and supple as before, causing it to look dull and tired. Dermaplaning is one of the solutions to help speed up the skin rejuvenation process.

    It is one of the mild techniques to exfoliate the skin without using harsh and abrasive scrubs. It helps get rid of not only the peach fuzz but also the dead skin. Due to the removal of dead skin, the cells regenerate faster, giving your skin a youthful glow. Cell turnover is much faster, which helps your skin become plump and smoother.

  5. No Breakouts

    A huge misconception about dermaplaning is that it may make your skin sensitive and break out. However, the case is different; dermaplaning helps avoid pimples and uneven skin texture. It aids in removing dirt that might potentially clog the pores and cause pimples.

  6. Exfoliates the Skin

    Dermaplaning is not a technique that only removes the peach fuzz but also helps exfoliate the skin. Exfoliation should be a primary part of your skincare routine if you want smooth and glowing skin. However, physical and chemical exfoliants can make your skin sensitive, and recovery is challenging.

    Dermaplaning is one of the best techniques to exfoliate and rejuvenate the skin. It helps remove the peach fuzz and dead skin, leaving behind a baby-soft surface. Your makeup glides on perfectly and feels soft and glowy.

Everything You Need to Know About Dermaplaning!

Everything You Need to Know About Dermaplaning

Dermaplaning is becoming a cosmetic procedure that every beauty guru is falling in love with. However, you should know a few things when planning to do dermaplaning or getting it done. If you are new to dermaplaning and want to try it out, here are some of the things you must keep in mind:

  • Don’t Use Active Ingredients

    Dermaplaning is an excellent procedure that helps you deal with several skin issues. However, there are a few things that you must keep in mind when planning on doing dermaplaning. One of the huge mistakes people make is applying skin care with active ingredients right after dermaplaning.

    Applying active ingredients like vitamin C, retinol, or niacinamide after dermaplaning can make your skin sensitive. Sometimes, your skin can start peeling or have painful red blisters. Hence, avoiding retinol and vitamin C for at least two days after dermaplaning is best. Use a mild moisturizer to hydrate and repair the skin’s barrier. A lightweight and gel-based moisturizer is the best to heal the skin.

  • Use Sunscreen Generously

    Sunscreen protects your skin from harmful UV rays and slows aging. However, sunscreen is even more critical if you use active ingredients or have sunburns. Most people experience sunburn and sensitivity after dermaplaning, especially after exposure to the sun.

    Using sunscreen after dermaplaning is extremely important to avoid sunburn and sensitivity. Dermaplaning takes off the upper layer of your skin, making it extremely sensitive to the sun. It is best to do dermaplaning when you know you will not go outdoors the next day.

  • Avoid Active Acne

    Dermaplaning is not a particularly abrasive procedure but can irritate active acne. If you go over acne with the dermaplaning tool, it can puncture the active acne. Dermaplaning on active acne can cause bruising and pain that you don’t want to deal with. If you are experiencing sensitivity and cystic acne, avoid dermaplaning until your condition subsides.

    If you have a little active acne on your face, it is best not to touch it while dermaplaning. However, dermaplaning is best for treating acne scars. Regular exfoliation over dull and scarred skin helps treat discoloration.

  • Use Skin Soothing Ingredients

    You can only get the best results out of dermaplaning if the aftercare is excellent. If you don’t care for your skin well, dermaplaning can be highly abrasive. It is best to know about your skin and what causes sensitivity. Use a milder blade if your skin experiences sensitivity.

    On the other hand, always apply cooling and healing products if you experience redness afterward. Calamine lotion, aloe vera, and green tea products have calming properties that help heal the skin. If you experience redness after dermaplaning, try to do it sparingly. You can also ice your face or use cold water to splash the face to avoid sensitivity.

  • Don’t Use Chemical or Physical Exfoliant

    Most people are unaware, but dermaplaning is a kind of exfoliation. It helps get rid of dead skin cells and the upper layer of the skin. Dermaplaning is a form of deeper exfoliation, after which you don’t need chemical or physical exfoliants.

    Avoid using physical or chemical exfoliants for at least a week after dermaplaning. Using harsh exfoliators after dermaplaning can cause skin dryness and redness. Instead of achieving smooth skin through exfoliation, you can get bumps and texture. Use hydrating products after dermaplaning to get the glow you have been aiming for.

Best Dermaplaning Tools for Best Results!

Best Dermaplaning Tools for Best Results

Dermaplaning is an exceptional procedure most beauty enthusiasts get done by an experienced dermatologist. However, it is an easy process that you can also do at home if you have the right tools. Investing in the right tools is essential to get precise desired results. Some people have yet to learn what dermaplaning tools are available and which ones they should get. After researching deeply, we came across a few dermaplaning tools that you can invest in to get a precise shave; here they are:

  • Dermaplaning No. 14 Kit
    Dermaplaning Kit - No.14 Sterile Blade and Reusable Handle Dermaplaning kit no.14 is one of the best investments if you like to do it more frequently. Focusing on getting a kit with multiple blades is essential so you don’t have to get new ones every time. This kit has a stainless steel handle that you can use for a long time. You can utilize the four interchangeable blades to get great results. However, it would help if you used alcohol wipes to clean off the blade every time to reduce the chances of an infection.
  • Disposable Scalpels
    Swann Morton No 10 Sterile Disposable Scalpels The disposable scalpels are the best for people who want a precise result without spending much. These scalpels are safety certified, which means they are safe for your skin and made with good material. However, you must clean the blade with alcohol wipes after every use.
  • Dermaplaning No. 10 Kit
    Dermaplaning Kit - No.10R Sterile Blade and Reusable Handle The Dermaplaning kit no. 10 is also a great tool to invest in if you want multiple blades in one pack. These blades have different precision, and each is of varying sizes. This kit is perfect for getting into different curves of the face and getting rid of the most precise peach fuzz.
  • Dermaplaning Stainless Steel Blade
    Swann Morton Butter Blade - No 10R Sterile Stainless Steel Blades The stainless-steel blade also comes in handy if you want to remove the top layer of the skin. The blade is sterile and does not catch bacteria that easily. It helps eliminate peach fuzz and stop dead skin cells from accumulating on your skin. It is an excellent investment if you are into dermaplaning and want great results every time.

Key Takeaway!

Dermaplaning is an excellent cosmetic technique that has been gaining popularity these days. However, most think only professionals can perform dermaplaning and give you the best results. On the contrary, you can do it too by using Dermaplaning tools. Do give dermaplaning a try if you want smooth and flawless skin.