February 19, 2024

Behind The Shades


Step One

gllisa blur eyeshadow berlin 419Conceal and Brighten, ensure that under your eyes you use a good brightening concealer to bring as much light as possible to this area. You don’t want your glasses to give the illusion of shadow underneath your eyes.

Step Two

aaaaaimg 0356 2 bAvoid smudging lots of dark colour messily around your eyes, dark shadow is fine just be careful where you apply it. An all over black smokey eye will give the illusion of smaller eyes, keep the inner corner highlighted and the darkness to more precise areas.

Step Three

Long Wear Kohl Eye LinerLiner will help to define your eyes, as will mascara and is a great way to make your eyes stand out from behind your glasses.

Step Four

rsz copy of lisab003Bold lipstick, as with everything a bright lipstick shade pulls the whole look together. By wearing a bold lipstick it can draw emphasis away from your eyes, so you keep the eye makeup simplistic while still looking like you have put in a lot of effort to your entire look.

Step Five

aaaaimg 0363 3 .7jpgEyebrows frame your face, and as a glasses wearer or not these are essential to your entire look. Make sure yours are shaped and filled in, if this is what you usually do if not just keep them in shape and neat.

Step Six

rsz copy of lisab003If your going for a more dramatic eye look, or one with a lot of shadow make sure the shadow doesn’t go any higher than the top of your glasses frame. As this will result in a messy, unfinished look. You need to work with the shape and colour of your glasses to ensure that your makeup compliments this.