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Eyeshadow Palette Diamonds Darling

Metallic, steely shades with a galaxy of glitter. A palette of beautifully blendable plum, charcoal, neutral whites, and grey eyeshadow.


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Steely, metallic shades, sparkling with a galaxy of glitter. This shimmer eyeshadow includes beautifully blendable plum, charcoal, neutral whites, and grey eyeshadow.

These natural and dramatic colour combinations can make any eye colour sparkle. Create a gentle base tone with the natural eyeshadow, then build up dramatic tones on top around the crease, lash line, or under the eye.

A long-wear formula with strong pigments and a velvety-soft finish. Blend the metallic eyeshadow out easily and build up colour combinations to create the most dramatic looks. You can even take some inspiration from nighttime glamour with a touch of daytime-appropriate shimmer.

Artist Tips

To ensure the longest wear possible, prep your eyelids with a primer or a thin layer of foundation, then set this in place with you face powder, or a light eyeshadow. Eyeshadows can be worn alone, all over the lid or a combination of multiple different shades.

Using the lighter shades in the inner corner as a highlight and all over the lid, with matte darker colours through the crease to add definition and intensify.

Ensuring that you blend the shadows to create a seamless, and polished look. Works well with an Eye Pencil for some added eyeliner, and a generous coat of mascara on your lashes.

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Dimensions10 × 10 × 6 cm


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