February 19, 2024

Glowing Skin


Step One

copy of lisab022Illumining base, and foundation. Use a liquid illuminator as a base before your foundation, or mix this in with your foundation before application. I love this so that I can use my matte foundation, but with an added glow but it doesn’t have an overly shiny finish as some dewy foundations can do.

Step Two

copy of lisab022Highlight, of course everywhere you feel comfortable. I love a bold highlight and will often use a liquid highlighter over the top of foundation in specific spots as a base for my powder highlight.

Step Three

rsz copy of lisab039Glowy skin goes hand in hand with bronzer, as you don’t want to be looking ghost like with glowy pale skin. Using a bronzer with a slight shimmer to it, adds colour and that extra sun kissed glow to your skin.

Step Four

lisa blur trophy sheer glowSkincare, you don’t need to fake the glow with makeup. You can have that natural glowy skin, by using illuminating and hydrating products and taking good care of your skin in general.

Step Five

lisa blur trophy sheer glowDrink plenty of water, going along with skincare. Your skin should naturally have a glow to it, by keeping hydrated by drinking a lot of water, and keeping your skin well hydrated with moisturiser this will help to gain your natural radiance back.

Step Six

lisa blur trophy sheer glowDetox, by eating lots of unhealthy food you will soon be able to see the results of this in your skin. To avoid your skin looking a little dull, ensure your eating a healthy diet and lots of natural vitamins and minerals, ensuring your body gets Vitamin C will help to get you your natural glow.