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Lavender 40/42 – Essential Oil

Lavender Oil Benefits:

  • Can aid sleep
  • Naturally calming
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Ideal for skin and hair
  • Easy to incorporate into your lifestyle
  • Can help soothe headaches
  • Ideal for at-home aromatherapy


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Well known for its health benefits, pure lavender oil is a must-have for your essential oil collection. Our luxury lavender oil is made from Angustifolia lavender, which is well known for its fragrant scent. Grown in the southern region of France, this particular flower is a great option for aromatherapy, as it has a stronger fragrance than other mediterranean varieties.

Commonly used in beauty and anti-anxiety remedies, lavender has a natural calming effect, but it also provides lots of benefits to both the skin and the hair. Lavender massage oil can be applied to pressure points, or massaged into the face for a nourishing and relaxing treatment, while lavender oil applied to the hair can smooth dry hair and tame flyaways.

Lavender oil for anxiety is a great way to reduce stress, or keep on top of your anxiety levels. When used regularly, you can effectively promote a calm mind. Whether applied to the skin, or inhaled through steam or a diffuser, using lavender oil daily will help you feel your best.

Lavender oil is wonderfully versatile and can be used in many ways. If using on the skin or hair, always do a patch test before use, to ensure there is no adverse reaction. When using it for massage, try diluting 5 drops in 10ml of a carrier oil. For aromatherapy, 6-8 drops in bath water works well, while 5-7 drops in water for a steam diffuser or oil burner will create a beautiful balanced scent.

Our luxury lavender oil comes in a beautiful glass amber bottle and internal glass dropper, making it easy to use.

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