February 19, 2024

Smokey Eyes

smokey eyes large

Step One

gllisa blur eyeshadow berlin 419Start with a transition shade, make sure it’s matte and nothing too dark. You can even use your bronzer, I tend to use a warm light brown and blend this through the crease. Make sure this is blended very well, this will ensure there are no harsh lines.

Step Two

2Then choose a darker matte shade, and with a more precise brush go over the same area that the transition shade in. However don’t take this shade up as high towards the brow bone. Then blend some more. Keep adding and intensifying, ensuring to concentrate this on your outer corner and half the way across your crease.

Step Three

lisa blur eyeshadow turkish 396Choosing an even darker shade, apply this with a precise pencil brush onto the outer corner and a little way through the crease. This is your chance to build the look up to as dark as you want. Keep applying, blending and then applying more. Ensuring to blend as much as you can and slowly building it up.

Step Four

img 0402 1 .43jpgUsing a lighter, shimmery shade and a flat brush pat this onto your lid, where you haven’t placed any product yet and then blend out the edges softly. You could use a pigment if you want a more intense shimmery look. Make sure you bring this shade right into the inner corner to highlight.

Step Five

gllisa blur eyeshadow berlin 419Then using the original matte shades you can add some more colour where it may have been covered with the shimmery lighter shade. Adding more intensity into the outer corner if needs be. Ensuring to blend after every addition of product.

Step Six

6img 0402 2 .44jpgFinish the look by using a pencil brush or smudger brush and running some of the matte shades under the lower lash line. Depending on how dark and smokey you want to look you can blend it out lower, and use darker shades. Add a flick of liner and mascara to bring it all together.